Compiling WSJT596r309 on Mandriva 2007 Free

by Harry Popov LZ1BB
version 0.2.1
       / thanks DL3LST, G8JMV, K1JT, VK3SB /

I did fresh Install of Mandriva 2007 Free. Used downloaded 4 ISO disks available from Mandriva for free download. It is very important to install all Development packages while installing Mandriva. They are too numerous to collect them later. If one missed this it is better to use Disk 1 and when prompted - chose Upgrade Mandriva 2007. Check Development tools. They will be installed.

Next step is to chose a ftp server which has all the rest packages of Mandriva 2007. They are about 10Gb so impossible to have all them on CDs. Use "easy urpmi" or "Configure your computer" for that.

Next install one by one listed below packages. To satisfy dependences many of them will need more additional packages but URPMI /or RPMDRAKE/ will do the job. Just say "Yes" on all URPMI /or RPMDRAKE/ requests.


Create as root symbolic link:
ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

Next you need some more packages. As we do not have RPMs for them you have to download and install by yourself:

F2PY  ( Fortran to Python )

untar, then as root:
python install


untar, then as root:
python install


Download WSJT source code:

As ordinary user:

tar xzvf wsjt596r309.tar.gz
cd wsjt596r309
./configure --enable-portaudio
make clean; make

That is all!! Next just start it. IMPORTANT!!! Alwais cd to wsjt596r309 folder before running wsjt:

cd wsjt596r309
python -O

I use simple script to start WSJT. Useful in case of bad memory like mine:

Create a text file,called wsjt, and copy/paste the following:

--------Copy bellow me------------
# wsjt     This shell script starts WSJT596r309
cd ~/wsjt596r309
python -O
--------Copy above me------------

Save file in your home folder and make it executable:
chmod +x wsjt

If you like you could make symbolic link as root:

ln -s ~/wsjt /usr/bin/wsjt

Now you could start WSJT by simply typing wsjt in terminal.

Be aware! Until today, October 24th 2006, the official link for WSJT archive contains broken package. So use the link above for downloading WSJT596r309.

I have problems while using default Audio Device /dev/dsp/ of WSJT program. Problems are:

1. Bad decode on FSK441
2. Programs crashes every 8 of 10 times when try to transmit on JT65. The last was confirmed by F1EBK too.

These two problems might be connected with our local hardware but might be /dev/dsp fault. If you encounter the same behaviour just use direct card access. Usually Audio Device 1 from WSJT Setup>Options.

Some modern sound cards do not suport sample rate 11025 requested by WSJT . If you have such card you will receive errors during direct access try. If so use the clue suggested by Hamish Moffatt VK3SB:

1. Create in your home directory empty hidden file with name:

2. Copy in it the following code: {
        type hw
        card 0
        device 0
pcm_slave.radioslave {
        pcm radio
        rate 48000
pcm.radioconv {
        type rate
        slave radioslave

3. Use appropriate Audio Device number for device called "radioconv".

Have fun!

73, Harry LZ1BB